A Manifesto of Scribbles


The first masterpiece any artist ever made was a scribble…

Soo… everything that we do seems to be a work in progress. The Collective Scribble is our latest effort to push forward our artistic pursuits in light of a very busy reality. Under this name, we are united in creating. Our primary focus is on supporting each other’s independent artistic endeavours and fostering an environment in which collaborative pieces may be created.

Also, we’re really good at making lists.

Here is our current (and growing) list of hopes and dreams:

  • create books that others are excited and proud to art journal, scribble, write, hope and dream in
  • instigate art wherever we go (join us when we art-blitz)
  • encourage and support scribbles young and old
  • produce high-quality art pieces that are personally relevant to us
  • empower others to create their own art
  • provide fun and accessible learning opportunities for beginning artists in a pressure-free environment
  • no pretension here, art is for everyone!

 Join us?  thecollectivescribble@gmail.com


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